• Michele Payn

    Michele Payn

    Food, agriculture & science connector. Mom. Author of Food Truths from Farm to Table (3/20/17). Kickboxing professional speaker. #AgChat & #FoodChat Founder.

  • Alison Rice

    Alison Rice

    Markets and news editor for AgWeb. Minnesota native.

  • Jennie Schmidt MS RD

    Jennie Schmidt MS RD

    Dietitian turned Farmer, Mom of @JSUGamecocks Marksman & a QAC runner, Pres @MarylandGrain, Delmarva Family Farm: corn, soy, green beans, tomatoes & winegrapes

  • Annmarie Rizzo

    Annmarie Rizzo

  • Everlaw


    We make legal technology that's easy to use. Our litigation platform is intuitive, fast, collaborative, and frequently updated.

  • Air Alliance Houston

    Air Alliance Houston

    Clean air so our economy, quality of life, and children can thrive.

  • Janice Person

    Janice Person

    city girl, loves #cotton, biotech & taking photos, started my own business in ‘19, loves #Memphis Tigers & #travel, sharing my view of the world, #BlogChat fan

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